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Grip & Repair Service Pricing

Fort McMurray Golf Club has expanded it’s re-gripping and repair business to better service the community. Please see below our price list for all the services we are now able to provide:

Regripping – Included in grip price (Grip prices vary by style and Brand)

Regripping (customer grips provided) – $5.00/Grip installation fee

Extra Tape Wraps – $1.00/Club for additional wraps over 2 wraps

Remove/Save Grip – $10/Grip

Re-Epoxy Loose Clubhead – $25/Club

Re-Shaft (Steel or Graphite) – $25/Club (shaft prices additional/Prices vary by brand)

Loft and Lie Angle Charting – $20/Set (Irons and Wedges Only)

Loft and Lie Adjustments – $9/Club (Irons and Wedges Only)

Club Extensions – $15/Club

Club Shortening – $5/Club

*Some prices may vary based on amount of labour involved*

*All rates are subject to a 5% Sales Tax, as well as a 5% Recreational Sustainment Fee (RSF)*

For additional services or to schedule an appointment for service, reach out to PGA Professional, Aaron Buchner by calling 780-743-5577 or by email at