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On Course Food and Beverage - Dress Code - Etiquette - Inclement Weather Policy


Fort McMurray Golf Club has a full service lounge, event facility, patio, and halfway house which is complimented by 3 on course beverage carts to service the food and beverage needs of any size group. All food and beverage must be provided by the Fort McMurray Golf Club, outside food and beverages are not permitted.



As per Alberta liquor laws, only liquor purchased from the club may be consumed on the property. Staff may inspect golf bags, coolers, backpacks and other items for personal alcohol at time of check in or on the course. Any patrons found with outside liquor will have their liquor confiscated. Patrons will be removed from the property and/or have playing privileges suspended or revoked. No refunds will be given for green fees/cart rentals.



At the Fort McMurray Golf Club we understand that everyone is entitled to their own taste when it comes to fashion.
We do ask when visiting the facility you refrain from wearing the following:

  • Denim with holes or in poor condition
  • Strapless or shoes with heels of any kind
  • Muscle shirts – men
  • Board shorts / swim trunks
  • Exposed midriff or spaghetti straps – ladies
  • Shorts with less than 4″ inseam

Gentlemen – Acceptable Dress golf slacks, tailored shorts, golf shirt with collar, sweater, sweatshirt or pullover, jacket and rain gear.
Ladies – Acceptable Dress skirts, culottes, slacks, tailored shorts, blouses, golf shirt with collar, sleeveless golf shirt, sweater, sweatshirt or pullover, jacket and rain gear.

*It is required that all members, their guests, and green fee players wear suitable attire at all times on the course, driving range and in and around the Clubhouse. As dress is a personal matter and as contemporary golfing attire changes from time to time, any questions regarding the acceptability of any particular apparel can be reviewed with the Professional Staff.


Prior to playing a stroke or taking a practice swing, make sure that no one is standing too close by or in a position to be hit by the golf club, ball or debris which may be moved by the club



To rent a golf cart you must be a minimum of 18 years old, with a valid drivers licence, and valid credit card (Not Visa or MasterCard Debit Cards). Golf carts are to be driven in a safe manner at all time.  Maximum of 2 persons/2 sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart.

Any misuse or imprudent driving will result in immediate loss of golf cart use with no refunds.



Each player is required to have their own set of golf clubs. Sharing golf clubs is not permitted. Rental golf club sets are available and can be arranged through the proshop.


  • Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill in and smooth over all holes and footprints that they made.
  • Replace all rakes back in the bunker after playing your stroke.
  • Repair all ball marks on the green.
  • Repair any damage to the green made by golf shoe spikes.
  • Any divots should be replaced and pressed down firmly to ensure proper turf growth.
  • Do not take pull carts onto the tee box, green, fringes, collars or aprons.
  • Comply with Club rules concerning the use of power carts and dress codes.
  • Do not pull a golf ball out of the cup with the putter head.
  • Always replace the flagstick when you are finished the hole
  • *Do not move the tee box markers. They are repositioned by the Greens staff at regular intervals and should not be moved by anyone other than the Greens staff.


  • Play ready golf: first one ready to hit the golf ball does so.
  • No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • Always play a provisional ball if you think the original one could be lost. See Rule 27-2.
  • Do not leave your pull cart or golf bag in front of the green when putting out. Place them at the side or towards the rear of the green in line with the approach to the next tee box.
  • Once you have putted out, you should leave the green immediately.
  • All players should play without delay. Slow play affects the flow of play on the entire golf course and makes the game less enjoyable for everyone.
  • Be aware of the position of your shadow when standing close to your fellow player when he/she is playing a stroke. It should not fall over the ball, the hole or line of putt.
  • When on the green, if one players ball lies in or near the line of the players ball, the first player should mark his/her ball with a round marker. Measure sideways with their putter head to clear the line of the putt, and then place the marker at the toe of the putter. Reverse the procedure to get your ball back to its original position.
  • Record your score away from the putting green, not on the green. This ensures that you are not interfering with the following group playing up to the green.



The Fort McMurray Golf Club does not possess an inclement weather policy or detection system. It is your responsibility to leave the course due to lightning or other weather related circumstances. Golfers are advised that they play at their own risk and we are under no obligation to warn, retrieve or remove anyone from the course due to inclement weather including lightning. Fort McMurray Golf Club is not responsible for injuries or damages resulting from inclement weather.