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Non-Playing Shareholder Member Status

Non-Playing Shareholder Members

  • Since 2016, the Fort McMurray Golf Club had relaxed the Inactive Fees to $0.00 for Non-Playing Shareholder Members until further notice, if they had notified the club by February 28th their intentions for the season. These Inactive Fees were previously set at 22.5% of the price of an Adult Shareholder Member Annual Dues.
  • The past two seasons, and again in 2019 the club has experienced close to 1/3 of the 300 Shareholder Members choosing the Non-Playing/Inactive Status versus actively playing on their share.
  • Revenue wise, these roughly 100 members represent $200,000 in annual dues and an estimated additional $300,000 in incremental spend at the club through out the year for a total of $500,000.
  • Inactive Fees will be imposed again in 2020 when a Shareholders Member chooses the Non-Playing status.
  • Non-Playing Fees for inactive Shareholder Members will be set at $500 + GST per year for those choosing not to play on their share. 
  • Shareholder Members may choose the Non-Playing/Inactive option to a maximum of twice (2) in the lifetime of their share. After 2 years, the Non-Playing fees are set equal to the annual dues rate and must be paid every year after.
  • Remaining the same will be that annual dues/Non-Playing fees must be paid in full by February 28, of the current year. Those who do not pay the annual dues or Non-playing fees by February 28 will become inactive
  • All inactive accounts must be free of delinquent or and other charges prior to FMGC transferring the share to a new Shareholder Member